ØkonomiBistand Regnskap AS

We currently have 11 offices with a total of 60 employees, from Lierne in the north Sarpsborg in the south. Our head office is in Noresund and the company is part of the ØkonomiBistand group, which delivers financial systems to more than 1,600 companies in Norway.

We use modern tools and have access to the greatest expertise. We focus on quality, stability, technology and service. We work with efficient use of software, and we can offer solutions that optimize the collaboration with our customers. Our web solutions within invoicing, document flow, payroll and reporting are easy to use and a secure way to transfer data between you and us as a supplier.

We have 1350 accounting customers; our assignments are in most industries and in all sizes. We keep vouchers, remit, run salary payments, perform annual settlements with tax assessment documents and submit annual accounts with notes to Brønnøysund. We perform the work the customer wants, and the better the customer is at structuring the documents, the lower the cost from the accountant. Our operations department takes care of our server park and our clients have the unique opportunity that both they and the accountant are connected to the accounts, if desired.

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