VB Online Timeregistrering (Time registration)

Time registration on web and mobile – directly in Visma Business

The time registration functionality in Visma Business is utilized on web and mobile. With VB Online Timesheet, hours can register as both go to billing and transmitted to Visma Salary as timesheet for employees.

There is no intermediate storage of registered hours. The accounting firm and the clients of the firm work on the same data that is always in Visma Business. The solution can be easily expanded / combined with other VB Online modules for those customers who need the following functionality:

  • Invoice
  • Offer / order confirmation
  • Attestation
  • Attachment submission and registration or reporting

Features & Benefits

  • Record both consumed and billable hours
  • Hourly approval is also done on the web and mobile
  • For service industries such as consultants
  • Time registration and approval on web and mobile
  • Uses standard Visma Business functionality for invoicing and transfer to Visma Payroll
  • The solution is self-explanatory