SuperOffice CRM

Expand the financial system with CRM functionality

Expanding the financial system with CRM functionality makes it easy to streamline the company’s sales and customer dialogue. SuperOffice CRM is integrated with the financial systems we deliver. In addition to being integrated with the MS Office tools, which helps the system quickly become part of the employees’ everyday lives.

When sales become more efficient, it affects sales; a CRM tool contains a lot of smart functionality, which individually will simplify the everyday life of each individual salesperson, so that they sell more. All offers, open orders, invoices and transactions for each individual customer are available in both systems. Customer data can be registered and maintained from both systems.

360-degree overview

We have our own team that specializes in SuperOffice CRM. There is great potential in connecting your financial system with a CRM system. Why work in separate “information silos” when you can get a 360-degree overview of your customers?

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SuperOffice cRM

SuperOffice CRM Online

An excellent solution for you who want a standardized solution cloud CRM solution. No local installation, no investment, no complications. The powerful features of SuperOffice CRM Online help you manage your contacts better, increase your sales and assist you in your marketing. Back-up takes place every 30 minutes, and back-up data is stored on a disk located in another location. This way, all your data is secure and backed up.

Pocket CRM

With the Pocket CRM app for phone and tablet, you get easy and fast access to all important customer information no matter where you are. This gives you full access to your CRM data and you can perform things like urgency and tasks you had forgotten, even if you have left the office. Pocket CRM is included in the price of all online user plans.


With just one click, you have access to contact information, documents, emails, sales opportunities and support inquiries. Everyone in the company can get a 360-degree overview of the company’s customers, suppliers or other relationships, regardless of whether you work with sales, marketing or customer service. SuperOffice can be delivered locally, in the cloud or at your operating partner.

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Sales Manager CRM
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