VB Online

Visma Business on web and mobile

One may wonder why it has not been done before. But now we have done it. You have access to Visma Business on the web and mobile

With VB Online, you work in Visma Business and Visma Document Center without having the programs installed. We have moved Visma Business’ program code to the web. In this way, heavy expert users can use Visma Business in the traditional way, while “light” users can use, for example, mobile phones to register hours or check accounting figures.

Of course, we have also included graphic views, drill-down to vouchers and some additional functionality that is not found in Visma Business.

VB Online is unique

There are many solutions that are integrated with Visma Business. Common to these solutions is that they work in their own way and to a large extent intermediate store data so that synchronization problems can arise.
VB Online uses Visma Business source code and data is stored in only one place; in the Visma Business database.

VB Online is easy to use

When we offer Visma Business functionality in VB Online, it is not intended to replace Visma Business for accountants. Expert users need Visma Business with all the functionality. But for employees who need Visma Business from time to time, VB Online is a perfect choice.

VB Online standard modules

We have divided the solution into different modules so that it will be as easy as possible for everyone to find what they need. The modules can of course also be combined.


VB Online fra ØkonomiBistand

Egil Stavik Tautra
CEO ØB Innovation
915 82 016