A complete Business Intelligence solution

OneStop Reporting has reporting, budgeting and analysis tools for companies in all sectors.

The solution is designed to be a tool that meets the requirements and needs of the finance department when it comes to reporting and budgeting. In addition, OneStop Reporting also covers other areas, such as forecasts, cash flow analysis, consolidation and KPI reporting. The solution is quick to get started with and it is easy to create reports using drag & drop functionality.


Easy and quick to get started.

OneStop Reporting delivers ready-made links to Visma Business, Visma Global and Visma.net. It is thus very easy to get started with the solution. The many standard reports that come with allow you to use the solution from day one. There is a separate video library that shows you how to use the reports and create your own variations.

Scalable reporting

OneStop Reporting comes with a set of standard reports and budget forms, ready to use. Reports and budget forms in OneStop Reporting are templates that can be used for multiple clients. You can easily put together your own report packages and add comments to the reports, before publishing.

Easy to create reports

OneStop Reporting offers Excel interface for designing and editing report and budget templates. In the module Report Designer, you work with drag-and-drop functionality, which simplifies the report design process more significantly. You can also add drill-down to underlying transactions and with integration with Visma document center you can see your documents.