ØB kontroll (Reporting)

 Our in-house developed reporting solution

This is Økonomibistand’s own solution for those who want more than a standard reporting solution. In addition to meeting the usual needs for reports from a financial system, ØB Kontroll offers great opportunities for, among other things, adapting or creating completely new reports. This is done in an interface that is based on regular MS Excel, which is familiar to most people.

Most of the MS Excel functions and formulas work directly in ØB Kontroll. The report provides the opportunity for drilldown in several levels and with a look at the scanned document in Visma Document Center.

ØB Kontroll contains the following standard reports:

  • Results report compressed
  • Balance sheet report compressed and expanded
  • Result per period and result details
  • Balance pr. account, pr. department, pr. project and pr. account group
  • Age distribution customer and supplier
  • Customer transactions and supplier transactions
  • Project overview

More than accounting

ØB Kontroll with Budget

ØB Kontroll can be further expanded with support for a budget that is then integrated with your financial system. If you already have budget models based on MS Excel, they can often be combined with this solution.

Reporting package for distribution

The reports can be easily distributed by sending a link to a web page that the user logs on to. You have full control over what the individual user has access to – and for what periods they can retrieve data. The user does not need access to the financial system itself.

ØB Kontroll also contains a standard solution for generating a PDF package that contains selected reports, including a page with “accountants’ comments”. This is great for sending by email to departments or clients of accounting firms.

Multiple data sources

ØB Kontroll can be connected to – and used as a reporting system against many different data sources, such as ERP systems or other databases. That is, you can easily create reports that combine accounting figures with e.g. logistics figures or the number of hours registered per. employee.

ØB Kontroll integrated with Bizview

ØB Kontroll is based on a solution from Bizview Systems that is used by over 1000 companies. They are one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of applications for forecasting, budgeting and reporting.

What do you get with ØB Kontroll?

Reporting and analysis

Faster access to current numbers and statistics directly in your browser. Combine accounting figures with, for example, sales or logistics information, or data from other systems. In addition to integration with Visma ERP systems, there are ready-made integrations with several other solutions.

Forecast and budget

Plan quickly and easily for the future. Many people are used to budgeting in Excel, but have a hard time going to see the numbers in the context of the real accounts. Here you can use a lot of the usual Excel functionality in the budget model that is directly integrated with your financial system.

Workflow and collaboration

Create better control and collaboration around processes and routines. Distribution of reports is made easy by sending a login link to a web page. The end user gets a custom interface that only gives access to the reports and choices the user has rights to.


Effective communication of the company’s goals and results. With functionality from MS Excel, you have great opportunities to customize the reports and the graphical presentation. This way you can create pure dashboards or combine regular table view of reports with graphs.

Create and manage

On your own you can maintain and plan scenarios, rights, dimensions m.m. The reports themselves can be retrieved on a local PC in Excel for customization and design. We have consultants who can contribute if you need it – or take a course with us for advanced use of the solution.

Modern technology and safety

ØB Kontroll is on a Microsoft based standard technical platform with access via standard browsers and integrated security. We offer ØB Kontroll as a cloud solution or locally installed on your server.

More than a reporting solution

ØB Kontroll is a modern web-based system support tool for business management with functionality for budget, forecasting, reporting and analysis. Controllers or other administrators can manage the system and develop flexible solutions themselves.

ØB Kontroll can be easily integrated with various data sources and business systems and is an open solution that does not lock your data and is specially designed to retrieve and store data in other systems. This is a cost-effective solution – affordable software and has a fast implementation.

  • Reports against logistics, project and time ++
  • Create your own reports / layout
  • Violation of dimensions
  • Support for advanced structures
  • Drilldown and document viewing
  • Operational consolidation
  • Budget
  • Forecast
  • More financial planning
  • 100% web-based
  • Quick and easy implementation and start-up
  • Dashboard -KPI
  • Analytics – AdHoc reporting


ØB Kontroll is a subscription network solution where you choose the number of users and functions. There are two types of users:

  1. Complete user costs 349, – / user / month.
  2. Reporting and dashboard user costs 199, – / user / month.

The solution requires a minimum of 10 users. Consulting assistance for installation, setup and adaptation is added as needed. Typical projects include custom reports, workflow budgeting, and dashboards require a standard of between 40 and 200 hours of consulting assistance.

Want to know more?

Jan Erik Knutsen
Sales Director
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