Advanced BI software

BizView is a modern web-based complete solution for forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analysis. Users of all levels can easily access relevant information. BizView can be connected to and used as a reporting system against many different data sources; ERP systems, Access databases, Excel etc. We have standardized integration options for several financial systems. The solution is scalable and can handle everything from simple needs to complicated requirements with efficient business management.


Rapporter for


Option to design reports yourself

Through the unique Excel-like user interface, you can change existing reports yourself or design your own brand-new reports or dashboards


Redigering av rapporter for Visma


  • Excel “look-and-feel”
  • Extremely flexible with Excel f (x), db logic, script
  • Dashboard with composite data
  • Multiple data sources, versions, value types, time units
  • Workflow approval support
  • Can be Integrated with Qlick and PowerBI


Budget and Forecast for Visma

By budgeting in Bizview, you get a real budget solution that is tightly integrated with Visma Global, Business or It collects historical data, automatically generates budget proposals based on history, and supports rolling budget with version control. The software can be adapted to advanced company structures with several cost centers or other special needs.

Budsjett for Visma


  • Efficient and fast planning directly in the browser
  • Create everything from simple to extremely complex solutions
  • Automated functions for, among other things, accrual accounting
  • Support for text and comments
  • Unlimited number of planning scenarios
  • Coordinate the work using approval processes
  • Integrate forms in Intranet or Sharepoint
  • Secure centralized storage of data

Bizview with ØB Kontroll

ØB Kontroll is Økonomibistand’s own solution for those who want more than a standard reporting solution.

ØB Kontroll is a package of 14 standard reports in Bizview that we have created so that you can get started quickly. These can be used as a basis for further adaptation if desired. In addition to covering the usual needs for reports from a financial system, ØB Kontroll offers great opportunities for, among other things, adapting or creating completely new reports. This is done in an interface that is based on regular MS Excel, which is familiar to most people.

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