Online payroll system for both large and small companies

Everything takes place in the cloud, so you do not need any local installation or maintenance. You have access to the solution wherever you are, from any device. Payroll gives you as a payroll manager a full overview and control in real time. Your employees get smart solutions for registering holidays, absences, travel and hours directly from their mobile.

No updates

With an online payroll system, you do not have to think about software updates. In the cloud, the payroll processes can also be automated and regulated. As soon as there are changes in regulations, this is implemented and updated in the solution, which ensures that registrations are always correct. Upgrades happen automatically and Visma ensures secure data storage and regular backup.



You can enter a salary change back in time; the system automatically provides post-payment for the relevant months.

With date management, you can register transactions ahead of time. And if employees start or end in the middle of a month, the system will automatically partially calculate salaries. The same applies if you change your fixed salary in the middle of a month.

The solution is at all times updated on current regulations and rates. The solution ensures, for example, that expenses are registered correctly, and calculates the diet according to the state’s rates, both domestically and abroad. Rates are updated automatically. You also have the option of entering your own rates if the company so wishes.

Payroll Services

Do you need more work capacity and support for the payroll department for short or longer periods? With us, you can therefore hire an employee who joins a position quickly and temporarily when the need arises. We help with everything from simple work tasks to filling an entire internal salaried employee position.