Forget your paper receipts

Using the Visma Attach app, you can take a picture of your receipt. The receipt is then stored in the cloud and is ready to be processed by Expense. With the help of a few keystrokes, the travel invoice will be ready for approval.

By connecting the credit card to the solution and using an app to record travel expenses via GPS, it becomes even easier to keep travel bills – both for you who register and you who approve travel bills. Completion and reporting of travel invoices is today a time-consuming affair. Constant rule changes make it difficult to keep up, and this often results in incomplete or incorrectly completed travel expenses. Expense can be used independently, or integrated with Visma’s payroll systems (Visma Payroll, Huldt & Lillevik and Payroll). The integration ensures that all approved travel invoices are transferred to the payroll system quickly and easily.


Why choose Expense?

  • Your credit card is connected so that all transactions are imported automatically – you only need to connect them to the correct outlay.
  • A separate app is used to record driving and tolls via GPS and sends this to the solution. You choose what is to be imported into Expense
  • With the Visma Mobile Manager app, you, as the leader, approve your employees’ travel bills quickly and easily on mobile or tablet.
  • With the Visma Attach app, you take photos of the receipts and send them directly to the solution. Thus, all expenses, receipts and travel allowances can be available in the solution after

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