Visma Lønn (Payroll)

Combines the best of traditional payroll functionality, with the latest in web-based solutions and mobile apps

With Visma Lønn, it is easy to relate to Altinn, occupational pension, AA register, sickness benefits / NAV, incidents, personnel, payroll and travel expenses. Give your company and your colleagues the best conditions for smart and efficient payroll and HR work.

  • High user-friendliness and wide functionality
  • Online solutions for all employees
  • Access to the country’s largest professional environment for payroll and HR

It is easy to compile professional reports, either with year’s figures or with historical figures from the database, and you have the opportunity to start a new pay period before the current one has ended, and you can easily override the payroll type’s general ledger account per transaction.

Wide and user-friendly functionality

Visma Lønn is built to make it easy to work with a complex and comprehensive field. We believe that this is best done by combining proven and reliable functionality, with new and innovative solutions.

  • Developed on the basis of users’ feedback over many years
  • Web-based solutions and mobile apps for modern payroll and HR work
  • Built for Norwegian conditions – by the country’s largest developer environment in its area

Visma Lønn is available on a subscription, with full flexibility and freedom of choice. This means that you only pay for what you and your company need – and nothing more.

Online solutions for employees and managers

The time for submitting complicated lists and forms is over. With Visma Lønn, all employees and managers have access to online solutions and mobile apps that turn boring administrative routines into fun.

  • Employees take care of expenses, hours, holidays and absences online and mobile
  • Managers handle all approval tasks online and mobile
  • The payroll manager automatically receives all relevant data into the payroll system


Visma Lønn is integrated with several financial solutions from Visma. This means you automatically have access to a common chart of accounts, cost bearers and employees. You can transfer vouchers as a bundle, and you easily handle processes related to, for example, ledger, VAT and remittance. In Visma Ansattportal, employees register travel invoices, expenses, holidays, absences and hours, update personal information and receive payslips. Quality-assured certified and approved data is transferred to Visma Lønn.

krede attesterte og godkjente data overføres til Visma Lønn.