Huldt & Lillevik Lønn (Payroll)

Why choose Huldt & Lillevik Lønn?

  • Safe payroll
  • Simple and user-friendly system
  • Prepared integration for most ERP and pre-systems
  • Wide range of reports and historical data
  • Own competence center with professional and technical support
  • Access to legal notices directly from the system
  • Extensive course offerings and own legal department
  • Local installation or Cloud solution
  • Export and update salaries via Excel, as well as post-payment module

Additional products

  • Huldt & Lillevik Oppfølging is a management tool that improves follow-up of sick leave and significantly reduces absence. Follow-up is also integrated with Payroll 5.0 and other payroll systems.
  • H&L Regnskapsbyrå gives your accounting office the opportunity to sell logins to clients on the agency’s own payroll client, with a free number of clients.
Bjørg Nakken
Senior Consultant
905 80 485