Visma Global

The system for you with stock and item sales

Visma Global has advanced functions, from thorough multi-reporting and in-depth navigation in the figures, to work roles for better workflow and electronic document management. Global provides effective support for all the financial functions of your business. We have further developed Visma Global to suit craftsmen’s companies, and call our industry solution: ØB Entreprenør.

The system gives you control over your company’s finances with functionality for accounting, logistics, hours and simple checkout. Visma Global also has a powerful reporting tool. Functionality for hourly and project management makes it well suited for consulting and project-oriented companies. Visma Global is also integrated with Visma CRM, which means that changes to customer data made by the sales apparatus are automatically updated in the financial system, and vice versa.


Integration with Visma Bizweb

This is a web-based encyclopedia for business information and news. All Norwegian companies are registered in the reference work, and the information is continuously updated. With the integration, you can collect up-to-date information about your customers and suppliers.


The logistics functionality helps you keep order on the shelf and gives you control over all movements on the inventory. The warehouse follows the FIFO method and the inventory reflects a correct value in the financial statements at all times. Sales prices are controlled through a flexible price and discount matrix. The solution makes it easy to get a clear operational picture across the functions in the company.

In addition, the system has integrations with subject systems such as bar code, material management and production support. The routines for offers and orders follow the workflow in the company.

  • Full control of the order flow from quotation to invoicing
  • Informative screenshots give you continuous control and improved customer service
  • More stock principles
  • Full chain management
  • Send all documents by e-mail
  • Agreement order invoicing and eInvoice
  • Online currency update from Norges Bank
  • Visma Kredittopplysning (credit information)