Visma Business

The most used financial system in the Nordic countries

Visma Business is a leader in resource management and operational planning. Visma Business is designed in such a way that it is easy to expand the finance and logistics system with a lot of other smart functionality in sales and customer dialogue, and in payroll and personnel. You can adapt it so that it corresponds to your needs.

Automated routines for purchasing, document flow, travel invoices, reporting, vacations and absences are just some of the possibilities. Are you not quite ready for the cloud yet? Then you can connect the automation products from Visma so that you get a hybrid solution.


The system has extensive functions for efficient management of general ledger, ledger and fixed assets, broken down into a total of 12 responsibility units.

  • Reporting
    You can report from all modules with the same reporting tool. The data can also be presented graphically, and from parent figures you can navigate in depth down to the document level, even scanned documents if you have electronic document management. Read more about reporting and analysis.
  • Bank Management
    Simplify the tasks related to bank reconciliation, OCR payment, payments without KID, Avtale-Giro (direct debit) and remittance. And by using the Autopay solution, the data flow from all deposits and withdrawals goes completely without manual processing.
  • Electronic document management
    Electronic document management streamlines routines for document administration, certification, archiving and retrieval of documents. This gives full control in a clear working environment.
  • Web reporting
    Your organization will be self-service on financial reports with in-depth navigation all the way down to individual documents. Employees who are given access to retrieve reports themselves log in easily and simply to a website and retrieve the reports that are relevant to them.


The logistics functionality in Visma Business gives you good control of capital tied up, a clear operating picture and helps you keep order in the goods shelf and control over all movements in the inventory.

The warehouse follows the FIFO method (first in, first out Method) and the inventory reflects a correct value in the financial statements at all times. Sales prices are controlled through a flexible price and discount matrix. You get a clear operational picture across the functions of the company. In addition, the system has integrations with subject systems such as bar code, material management and production support. The routines for offers and orders follow the workflow in the company.

  • Full control of the entire value chain, from order to purchase and stock.
  • Streamline the logistics processes between the company, suppliers and customers, regardless of the size of the product range or order flow.
  • Tailor-made seams satisfy demanding customers with complicated logistics processes.
  • The system has integrations with subject systems such as bar code, material management and production support.
  • The automation of electronic commerce between buyers and suppliers is also made possible with EDI from Visma.

ØB Smart-sky: Visma Business in the cloud

ØB Smart cloud is the market’s most flexible operating model at a fixed price, including upgrades. This is our own operating model for Visma Business Product Line – now standardized and automated, but as flexible as it has always been.

ØB Smart cloud is integrated with our entire operating concept:

Our skilled consultants have direct access to all vital parts of the software to provide the best possible assistance.

  • Faster and better support.
  • 100% flexibility when needed for adaptations, additional solutions and integrations.
  • No restrictions on which software can be used with Visma Business. All future needs will be covered.