24SevenOffice ERP system

The system for you who want to experience a simple and efficient ERP system in the cloud

With 24SevenOffice you get a good combination of advanced functionality and user-friendliness at all levels, which is absolutely necessary for optimal business processes and efficient working days in any company.

The solution is scalable and easy to adjust, both when it comes to functionality, third-party solutions (integrations), the number of users and their individual access to the system. The core functionality of 24SevenOffice covers your business needs within:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Bank
  • Project management
  • Time registration
  • CRM system
  • Travel and expenses
  • Invoice sales
  • Corporate loans
  • Reporting

In addition to core functionality, the system has an open API, so you can easily connect to the third-party solutions you may be missing. This facilitates tailoring of workflow, automation of time-consuming, manual processes and not least for growth in your company.

24SevenOffice hos ØkonomiBistand

Finance and accounting

The accounting program in 24SevenOffice is a modern solution for forward-thinking companies and accounting firms, which allows you to work efficiently and flexibly with a wide range of functionality. The solution is complete, where you always have a full overview of all processes related to the company’s finances and accounts, fully integrated in one place – in the cloud.

The accounting program allows accounting firms and companies to work transparently in the same system, so that collaboration works seamlessly, with access to updated accounts in real time.


By automating all online invoicing, payments come faster. Therefore, 24SevenOffice has ensured that the invoicing program facilitates efficiency, faster payments, good liquidity and positive working capital, and not least that automation of online invoicing is a breeze!

Get a full overview of invoicing and status of payments in real time, with a solution that i


24Sevenoffice is fully integrated with bank and Altinn, so you can easily complete all payments and submit VAT returns with a code from Altinn, directly from the accounting program.

The banking module in 24SevenOffice is one of the most advanced on the market and has, among other things, functionality for several stages in connection with payment approval, setting up custom rules, balance in the system, bank reconciliation and much more.

If you currently handle bills in online banking and send the basis to your accountant, it may sound tempting to pay with one click straight from your mobile? It is possible in 24SevenOffice!

Project Management

Get full control of your projects from start to finish with 24SevenOffice Project – regardless of whether the projects are large or small! The solution gives you full control and overview of everything from planning, resource management and implementation, to time registration and finances, both from mobile and desktop.

Time registration

Time registration has never been easier! Record hours continuously from mobile or desktop with a smart solution that makes it easy for employees to register hours, no matter where they are. As a leader, you will always have full control over hourly consumption, as well as the opportunity to approve hours continuously.

Registered hours can easily be used as a further salary and invoice basis.

CRM system

Put the customer first and enjoy the CRM system that makes it easy to succeed with sales, marketing and customer relationship management! In 24SevenOffice, all information about customers, suppliers and other contacts is gathered in one place, so that the entire company has access to information related to the contact, such as activities, notes, communication, and status of payments. This gives you a solid foundation for tailoring communication, making better decisions, winning more sales and driving more sales.

Travel and Expenses

Deliver travel expenses and expenses digitally via your mobile phone with a few keystrokes, then you throw away the paper receipt! All you need is internet access. With 24SevenOffice you also get a separate app for tracking journeys that automatically calculates travel expenses.

The solution automatically calculates currency and satisfies the auditor’s requirements for documentation.

Invoce sales

Sell the desired invoices to 24SevenOffice as you invoice, and receive the settlement within 24 hours – regardless of when the invoice falls due! After an invoice has been sold, 24SevenOffice and Collector Bank arrange the rest – both follow-up of unpaid invoices, credit risk and remaining administrative work. You thus avoid spending time on time-consuming follow-up, at the same time as you are secured money in the account within 24 hours.

The service is provided in collaboration with Collector Bank

Corporate loans

With the Digital Business Loan service, your company can easily borrow from NOK 100,000. to DKK 500,000. Where 24SevenOffice, in collaboration with Collector Bank, ensures that you get a loan that is adapted to the company’s needs.

Applying for a Digital Business Loan is easy, and no collateral or guarantees are required. The application is filled in by the company draftsman, power of attorney (attorney), or others in the company, such as the finance manager. The application process is free.

The service is provided in collaboration with Collector Bank.

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CEO, ØkonomiBistand AS
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