Finance and Logistics

Finance and Logistics

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Cloud or a hybrid solution?

Our finance and logistics systems include functions for accounting, invoicing, logistics, reporting and time / project management. They are also integrated with our systems for CRM, Payroll, electronic document management and online store, which opens up a number of other possibilities. Is it time to take the financial system into the cloud? Then is the solution for you. Below you see our financial and logistics systems. We can tailor and integrate your existing solutions to work optimally in your everyday life

VB Online

With VB Online, you work in Visma Business and Visma Document Center without having the programs installed. We have moved Visma Business’ program code to the web. VB Online uses Visma Business source code and data is stored in only one place; in the Visma Business database.

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Visma Global

Visma Global has advanced functions, from thorough multi-reporting and in-depth navigation in the figures, to work roles for better workflow and electronic document management. Functionality for hourly and project management makes it well suited for consulting and project-oriented companies.

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Visma Business

The system is designed in such a way that it is easy to expand the finance and logistics system with a lot of other smart functionality in sales and customer dialogue, and in payroll and personnel. We deliver Visma Business both in the cloud with ØB Smart cloud, and in the traditional way where you can also connect the automation products from Visma and get a hybrid solution.

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Cloud-based financial system that can easily be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your company and size. includes a full set of integrated services in finance, logistics, travel expenses, absence and much more.

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