A modern and functional checkout solution

Visma ERP POS is an innovative, touch-based checkout solution for smaller chains and independent stores. The solution is integrated with the financial system and inventory, which makes everyday life behind the counter more efficient. In this way, smaller stores get access to a professional and secure checkout that also meets future legal requirements. Visma ERP-POS is efficient to use as you work with a combination of touch, scanning and simple search routines.


Expand the financial system

It pays to expand the financial system with integrated cash register functionality. At least for those companies that need cash sales of goods. An integrated solution means that cash, inventory management and accounting play together and provides a flexible and feature-rich solution that is fully integrated with your financial system. The cash register system is easy to use and manage, you get full traceability and the solution is delivered complete with all the equipment you need.


Visma ERP POS functionalities

  • Register new customers
  • Retrieve existing customers
  • See previous customer sales
  • Accept payment on invoices
  • Print product information
  • Check items in other stores and in stock
  • Credit check against financial system and credit sales
  • Link sales to projects
  • Register with barcode, product number or notice
  • Retrieve prices from financial system
  • See graphic reports