Online store

A skilled partner

Kréatif has a long history when it comes to developing e-commerce systems. Both online stores where everything is online, but also where integration with the ERP system is important. The online store is flexible and can be adapted to most needs. Kréatif owns and operates its own CMS, called Frigg – which takes care of the integration with ERP systems. Their online store system is flexible and can be adapted to most needs and is easy to use for customers – and you who run the store.

Several types of online stores

They can offer several levels of online store, depending on your needs – basic, pro and exclusive. Online store Basic gives you an opportunity to get started with your online store with integration with Visma at a reasonable price. The online store comes with a finished look and pre-defined online store features. They put your Logo in the template, so that your store is easily identified.

Included features

  • Responsive online store
  • Universal Design
  • Good article opportunities
  • Search-friendly pages (SEO)
  • Robust image archive
  • Simple statistics
  • Google Analytics extension
  • Easy variant handling
  • Discount Editor
  • Card payment
  • Invoice as payment solution
  • Delivery methods
  • Document processor
  • Trade as a guest
  • Stock status
  • Order history
  • Order confirmation by e-mail
  • Order processing system