Effective approval of invoices, expenses, holiday applications and time sheets

With Approval, all approval tasks are automatically sent to the right person, who in turn approves online or mobile – when and where it suits them.

With digital approval, there is an end to documents that go back and forth between employees, managers and the payroll department or finance department. Everything is digital – online and mobile. With Approval you can take care of approval anytime and anywhere.

Approved by the right person Approval works in collaboration with the functionality and apps in Visma’s payroll systems for keeping expenses and travel bills, hours, and registration of holidays and absences. When employees register expenses, absences and hours, the assignment is automatically sent for approval to the right person.

Why choose Approval?

  • Everything in one place

Processing of expenses, holiday applications, time sheets and invoices in one place

  • Full flexibility

Managers can easily approve, reject and forward directly on mobile and online

  • Adjust the approval flow

Choose who will approve what by setting up predefined rules

  • Synchronizing the payroll and financial system

No double registration. Relevants are automatically sent to the financial system or the payroll system