Visma Document Center

Paperless office

This is a solution that facilitates paperless office and simplifies the processing of accounting documentation. It handles all types of vouchers such as incoming invoices, credit notes, and bank vouchers.

For all customers with Visma Business and Visma Global, Visma Document Center is already installed and fully integrated. This means that data stored in the financial system is also available in the document center. An example of this is an account, department, project or employee. To get started with the solution, you just need to update the license and set up the solution.

Supports multiple formats

Visma Document Center supports receipt of EHF / electronic invoices, invoices by e-mail and ordinary paper invoices. With document flow, invoices and vouchers are automatically sent to the right people in the right order for certification. The accounting department will always know where in the process the invoices are. With Document Center, all invoices, vouchers and invoice information are digital, searchable, up-to-date and easily accessible.

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