ØB Regnskapsarkiv (Accounting archive)

Lookup and search option for all accounting-related information

Accounting archive for Visma Document Center – lookup and search option for all accounting-related information without direct access to the accounting system or Visma Document Center.

The solution is excellent for providing access to accounting information for the auditor, board or clients of accounting firms. In addition to all documents from Visma Document Center, it is also possible to enter other documents subject to archiving, such as contracts and budgets.

The accounting archive copies all the desired information from Visma Document Center and stores this together with the necessary software on a CD, external hard drive or USB memory stick. Lookup and search program start directly without any kind of installation. This makes it very easy to distribute the archive to, for example, auditors or clients.

Electronic accounting archive

Stores all storage accounting material electronically and is easily available for later use. The program is started directly from the storage medium without the need for installation. There is an emphasis on a simple user interface that minimizes the need for training. New version of the accounting archive is just around the corner waiting for the pilot.

One of the big news is user management and rights management via Visma Business. Copied archives also receive a generated or optional password. The copying routine has been improved. There are several who have used the Dropbox functionality for sending the archive and there have been several email parameters for sending the dropbox links.