Everyone can send and receive electronic invoices

Create the invoice basis in your financial system and send out the invoice via AutoInvoice. If you also register the organization number of your customers and suppliers, AutoInvoice will check for you whether the customer can receive the invoice electronically or not. The system then sends the invoice in the preferred way to your customer or supplier, based on the type of information registered on the selected organization number.

  • Send e-invoices to public bodies and other companies that can receive electronically
  • Email the invoice to your corporate customers
  • Print, package and send the invoice on paper at a low cost
  • Send an e-invoice directly in the online bank to your private customers or via VIPPS
  • Send invoice by e-mail to your private customers
  • Receive electronic invoices directly in your Visma receiver system
  • Interpret PDF invoices and send them directly to your Visma recipient system
  • Scan and interpret paper invoices and send them directly into your Visma receiving system

If the recipient is registered to receive electronically, AutoInvoice will send the invoice as EHF directly into the financial system. If the customer is not registered for electronic receipt, AutoInvoice will send the invoice by e-mail or letter post if there is no e-mail registered on the customer.

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Send everything electronically

All types of invoices can be sent via AutoInvoice: EHF / e-invoice, e-mail and paper. The invoice is produced in your Visma invoice solution in the usual way. When you send all invoices via AutoInvoice, the following happens:

  1. The invoice is sent electronically to the customers who have registered for receipt of this (in the ELMA register). Price NOK 3, – pr. invoice.
  2. The invoice is sent as a PDF attachment to those to whom you have an email address (and can not receive electronically). Price NOK 0, – pr. invoice.
  3. The invoice is sent as a paper invoice to those who cannot receive in any other way. Price NOK 9, – pr. invoice + NOK 0.50 pr. page.

Watch the video to the right to learn more about how to send all invoices via AutoInvoice or read more about this here.

Receive everything electronically

The invoice is received directly in AutoInvoice, regardless of whether the sender also uses AutoInvoice or another access point provider. The invoice can be delivered directly in Visma Document Center.

  1. You as the recipient must be registered as a user in AutoInvoice in advance. You register at
  2. You must be registered as an electronic invoice recipient in ELMA (Electronic Recipient Address Register)

How to register with ELMA

Log in to Visma AutoInvoice:

Click on settings

Click on Company Settings / Company Information

Click “Update”

If it is not registered in ELMA, then click on [Register]

  1. If you have activated email notification, you will be notified when new invoices arrive
  2. electronic invoices can also be downloaded from AutoInvoice
  3. If you use Visma Document Center, this can be set up with automatic download of electronic invoice from AutoInvoice