Automated reminder and debt collection solution AutoCollect is an automated reminder and debt collection solution that is integrated with your financial system from Visma. You can thus choose whether you want to automate all or part of the collection process.

Benefits of Visma AutoCollect

  • Automate time-consuming processes
  • A more updated ledger
  • Better liquidity and control
  • Everything is controlled from your financial system

Visma Collectors

Your cases will then be handled by Visma’s debt collection agency, Visma Collectors, which is one of Norway’s largest and most recognized leek and debt collection companies. Reminders are sent out with the creditor’s bank account number and KID. All income from reminder fees and interest accrues to the creditor. You control the whole process easily from your standard screen in Visma Business. AutoCollect is a fully automated collection process where the creditor can put away all the collection work but at the same time have full control in your own financial system.