(Accounting documents)

Accounting documents directly in Visma Document Center (formerly ØB Fakturapost) makes it possible to receive all forms of accounting documents, including incoming invoices, by e-mail, directly into Visma Document Center without any people having to be involved. It is now the end of all information not included in the accounting documentation. With, all file types enter the Visma Document Center. The solution requires no follow-up and no training. Send to and the document will appear in the Document Center, completely automatically.

An alternative to AutoInvoice

With (formerly ØB Fakturapost) you will receive an automatic transfer of invoices with an e-mail to From here, the invoice goes directly to the Document Center where it is interpreted automatically and is ready for approval and / or transfer to the financial system. Our service is an alternative to AutoInvoice and should not be confused as a replacement. Accounting documents are particularly relevant together with fully automatic reading, interpretation and certification flow.

Receive all types of accounting documents attached to e-mail directly in the Document Center for Visma Business, Global and Contracting, completed OCR-interpreted and without transaction costs. Feel free to use the app to submit vouchers to the accountant.

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With a focus on accounting firm

Our accounting firm team has developed effective solutions for the accounting industry. They have compiled a selection of their standard solutions on their own page. Common to these solutions is that they streamline the daily work for both accountants who use Visma Business and customers of the accounting firms.
Visit the accounting firm team’s pages (Norwegian)