ØB Portalen – Cloudbased integrations


Easy and secure integration for

Visma.net ERP, Visma Business and Visma Global.

The ØB Portal ensures seamless integrations between both pure cloud solutions and traditionally installed applications.

Management and control of data flow is done in the cloud-based portal which is the “engine” in the integrations. This is combined with a link to the programs to be integrated. We have ready-made links for a number of solutions – possibly we can adapt the integration to the needs you have.



Features in the ØB Portal

  • Automatic data transfer between your solutions

This can be set up as an online solution where data transfer takes place immediately or with time management, depending on, among other things, what kind of solutions are to be integrated and technology.

  • Conversion of data formats

In some cases, data formats must be changed or added to be handled correctly when transferring to a Visma financial system.

  • Integration logic

What data is to be transferred and what triggers this. Which system “owns” basic data.

  • Time management of data exchange

Assessed in relation to needs, amount of data and load on servers.

  • Logging of activity

In case of error, detailed logging can be useful

  • Email notification

Automatic email notification can be set up for special events.

  • Error handling

This is set up error handling that determines what happens if an error occurs – for example, the entire transfer must be rejected, possibly only transactions with errors, automatic correction of values, notification of user etc.



Flexible – All types of data sources

ØB Portalen handles a number of types of data sources. This can be, for example, an ERP system, file, EDI, web services or other types of data. Below are some of the formats and solutions we have delivered integrations to.


Ready-made formats for use in the ØB Portal

ØB Factoring

Factoring Solution from ØB that integrates most Factoring companies with all Visma.ERP systems

ØB has extensive experience with the integration of factoring companies with Visma ERP systems. For Visma Global and Visma Business, there is a separate solution that is installed at the customer who handles the integration. Against Visma.Net, Financial Assistance’s Portal solution is used to handle the integration. The integration is seamless and integrates most factoring companies.

Integration for debt collection systems

The integration directly connects Visma Business and debt collection services. The integration is based on web service.

ØB Dokumentlagring

ØB Dokumentlagring is a tool for easily importing documents into Visma Business. This handles the import of all types of documents to Visma Business. ØB Dokumentlagring supports Drag and drop functionality and is suitable for importing documents to all registers in Visma Business.

ØB EDI integrasjon

Exchange of electronic documents between companies

The EDI Integration ensures the exchange of electronic orders / invoice documents directly between the parties. EDI Integration is suitable where the receiver requires special formats, or the receiver has special requirements in relation to the standard formats. We support all EDI formats – if the desired format does not already exist, we will implement it. EDI integration can be parameter controlled and thus we have great flexibility when it comes to configuration of the formats. We have extensive experience in connecting parties who want to exchange EDI messages. EDI Integration takes place via the ØB Portal and thus we have full control over versions, program codes and setup. Users will also get an overview / access to transaction status and transaction details.

Byggoffice integration

Integration for Visma Global, Visma Business and Visma.Net against Byggoffice

Transfer of transactions from Visma Global, Visma Business and Visma.Net. In addition, a module is available for viewing Visma Document Center documents directly from Byggoffice. Especially for Visma Global and Visma Business:

SQL to file export

Export routine that is compatible with ØB Integrasjon that can post SQL queries to CSV file. The integration allows you to export results of SQL queries to file timed

CSV Import Visma.Net

CSV Import with different defined formats to visma.net.

Canon dokumentarkiv integration

Integration for Visma Global with Canon document archive system.

Integration of Casio cash register systems

Transfer of the cash records from the Casio cash registers to Visma eAccounting and Visma.Net ERP. The transfer supports the use of cost bearers for the project and department. The integration ensures that the correct VAT codes are used, and it is possible to use individual chart of accounts.

Price list reading for Visma Global Omnilab / LLG

Reading in price lists from LLG / Omnilab to Visma Global. Reading in price lists with calculation of out prices according to certain rules.

Visma.Net integration for Maritech

Maritech integration with Visma.Net based on standard files from Maritech.

PortWin File Integration

The integration integrates Visma.Net and PortWin. The integration is based on standard exports in Visma Business format from PortWin for the Windows version of Portwin. An integration for the Web version is underway. The integration is also compatible with ØB Integrasjon for automatic import.

Facilit Integration Visma.Net

Integration of Facilit towards Visma.Net based on Visma Business Order format


Over 100 of our customers use the ØB Portal for various integrations

Web services

ØkonomiBistand also offers a set of standardized web services for Visma Business and Visma Global. For Visma Global, there are no web services directly from Visma, but our web services use Visma’s development interface to read out and in data to the financial system. Towards Visma Business, Visma has a web service integration, but it requires a lot of expertise and a lot of trial and error to get this started for an external developer.

Our own web services aim to be standardized and make it easy to read and write data. We have components for document registration, order registration, etc. Web services have the great advantage that they are available from anywhere and anytime. They can deliver or write data directly online and provide the basis for very close integrations, where it is important to give users immediate feedback (typically online store – can the item be delivered?). Our web services can be understood as top layers for standardized components we create for the ERP systems Visma Business, Visma Global and Visma.net.

More information, contact

Florian Haase
Development Manager
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