ØB Integration

Exchange of data

ØB Integrasjon is not tied to any specific type of integration and can thus be used for the exchange of data between all types of computer systems and sources. In addition to managing the actual data flow between different solutions, ØB Integrasjon also takes care of error handling, logging and time management. ØB Integrasjon is constantly being further developed. We have both received many more formats and we have expanded the functionality of the integration engine. Among other things, we agree to integrate the possibility of SMS notification if an integration should fail.

There are great advantages to using a standard solution such as ØB Integrasjon rather than having an integration tailored. This is both because it is cost-effective, it gives great flexibility when changing the interfaces for the software to be integrated. Not least the functionality when it comes to additional services such as error handling with, among other things, notification via email etc.

Download brochure here (Norwegian)

Flexible – All types of data sources

The integration engine handles a variety of data sources. This can be, for example, an ERP system, file, web services or other types of data input. The engine handles the input formats via standardized components and passes them on to a module that manages the actual conversion of the format. The module then delivers the data to the desired Output system (file, web services, Visma Business / Global or others).

Web services

ØkonomiBistand also offers a set of standardized web services for Visma Business and Visma Global. For Visma Global, there are no web services directly from Visma, but our web services use Visma’s development interface to read out and in data to the financial system. Towards Visma Business, Visma has a web service integration, but it requires a lot of expertise and a lot of trial and error to get this started for an external developer.

Our own web services aim to be standardized and make it easy to read and write data. We have components for document registration, order registration, etc. Web services have the great advantage that they are available from anywhere and anytime. They can deliver or write data directly online and provide the basis for very close integrations, where it is important to give users immediate feedback (typically online store – can the item be delivered?). Our web services can be understood as top layers for standardized components we create for the ERP systems Visma Business, Visma Global and Visma.net

Florian Haase
Development Manager
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