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All the way in the cloud? Or is Hybrid something for your business?

Time to start automating the manual processes you do today? All our financial systems can be connected to the auto products of Visma and our third parties. Whether you have a cloud solution from or want to work in Visma Business and Global.


Mobile Worker og Visma Business

Mobile Worker is a digital project management system for companies in construction. The solution consists of a cloud-based project portal and a mobile app that gives you an easier everyday life, whether you are in the office or in the field.

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ZData Control

Our partner ZData delivers the solution for automatic reconciliation of all types of accounts and data. The program is easy to get started with and is also flexible and advanced enough to cover all the reconciliation challenges your company has

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ZData Pay

Simplifies the process of electronic banking services between accounting system and bank. Do you need help getting your accounting software to exchange data to / from the bank, or want to switch to a more automated solution? Then this is the solution for you.

Read more AutoCollect AutoCollect is a fully automated collection process where the creditor can put away all the collection work but at the same time have full control in your own financial system.

Read more AutoPay AutoPay eliminates the manual steps of sending and receiving electronic payments. AutoPay is included in Financials and provides an automated payment process. The solution is also integrated with Visma Business and Visma Global.

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Anyone can send and receive electronic invoices. AutoInvoice is included in Financials, Visma Global and Visma Business. The service provides an automated business process where you save time and money.

Read more (Accounting documents) makes it possible to receive all types of accounting documents, including incoming invoices, by e-mail, directly into the Visma Document Center without any people having to be involved. Our service is an alternative to AutoInvoice and should not be confused as a replacement.

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ØB Portalen – Cloudbased integrations

ØB Portalen is Økonomibistand’s platform for cloud-based integrations with Visma ERP systems. It makes it easy and secure to integrate 3rd party solutions with Visma financial systems.

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ØB Integration

There are great advantages to using a standard solution such as ØB Integrasjon rather than having an integration tailored. This is both because it is cost-effective, it provides great flexibility for changes in the interfaces.

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