Large or small inventory?

We provide everything you need to easily use ERP, Visma Business and Visma Global for handling goods and stock. We also help you with training and guidance on how to best utilize the solutions from us. Even with a small inventory, there is a lot to gain from and use the opportunities that lie in Visma’s solutions. ERP, Visma Business or Visma Global

Regardless of whether you choose to use ERP, Visma Business or Visma Global as a finance and logistics system, the logistics functions will provide you with user-friendly screens and standard routines that cover the needs of most retail companies. The routines for offers and orders follow the workflow in the company. You can read more about logistics functions under Products.


Seeberg om nettbutikk fra ØkonomiBistand



Seeberg manages their entire online store via ERP:

“With countless items available in the online store, it saves us a lot of time by maintaining everything in just one system”