Together with our customers, we have combined one of the market’s coolest financial solutions, ERP, with one of the most used port systems in Norway. The solution is adapted to everyone who works with the operation of port and quay facilities. It is 100% online and designed for you who do not want unnecessary double registrations.

How does the integration work?

In ERP you handle everything around accounting and invoicing, while Portwin 5 takes care of all activity related to their port. Among other things, transfer customers and invoice basis from Portwin 5 to ERP completely automatically. That way, you keep your systems up to date and avoid unnecessary manual routines.

ØB Portalen, a secure platform for cloud-based integrations

It makes it easy and secure to integrate Portwin 5 with Visma’s financial systems. The information between ERP and Portwin 5 is managed through this cloud-based integration platform. Read more about ØB Portalen here.