Our solution for the aquaculture industry

We have developed a separate industry solution for the use of financial systems in the aquaculture / aquaculture industry, which includes an integration with the slaughter and packing system, contract management, adaptation of order flow, reporting solution and operating asset management.

In the aquaculture industry, people often talk about generational fish – fish that are released into a salmon cage at the same time, when it is to be slaughtered, you want to know how profitable the individual generation has been. Each breeding cage therefore has its own accounts, which in turn are generated up to a main account. When you then use Visma Business and place the costs on the right item in relation to use, you can know whether the salmon you slaughter has been expensive or cheap to produce.

Visma Business for aquaculture group

Our solution for aquaculture is based on Visma Business with adaptations to the industry. Among other things, the order system is integrated in Visma. This is labor saving and it removes sources of error in relation to human error punching. With a logistics system that is also integrated in Visma, you have a full overview of how many boxes of fish have been sent to customers. It is also integrated with the slaughter and packing system – when a car with fish goes out, the information is transferred to the order system in Visma Business. You do not have to register the orders manually.

Visma.net for pure farming companies

For pure farming companies, we deliver Visma.net as a financial system. We can deliver integration with other support systems that your company has, in addition we have knowledge of the reporting that the industry wants.