Expertise and development

Through our cutting-edge expertise, our in-house developed industry solutions and concepts, we offer our accounting firm customers the opportunity to cultivate their professional area.

We believe that Visma Business is the best production platform for accounting firms. Dot. But at the same time we admit that for several years there has been other software that has been at least as good when customers have wanted to do part of the job themselves. We know accountants who have switched to less efficient software to make it easier for customers to access their own accounts.

We have done something about this: Now we offer the best platform for both accounting firm and clients of the firm:

  • Visma Business as an expert system and with ØkonomiBistand’s integrated additional solutions that provide both new functions and drastically increased efficiency
  • Visma’s cloud solutions for easy invoicing and certification
  • VB Online – Visma Business on web and mobile – with modules for clients of the accounting firms who want to do part of the job