The ØkonomiBistand Group

The ØkonomiBistand group consists of several companies from North to South I Norway, and across the border to Sweden. The companies provide software, accounting services, development, consulting and consulting services – to companies of all sizes. Our goal is to be your preferred partner in financials, logistics, CRM and HRM.


Our Story

Nils Ole Fladhus, the founder of ØkonomiBistand, Nils Ole quit a good career in Compact data. Because he was not “commercial” enough to work with data, he chose to stand on his own two feet in his home village in the early 90’s. The idea was conceived in his childhood bedroom on February 10. It started small, with sales of administrative systems in the computer industry. Further he started selling computers and everything that was possible to earn money. He was starting to lose focus and had to concentrate on two things: agricultural subsidies and accounting software.

Nils Ole realized early on the importance of having customers closely connected to him. Today, both our customer base and the number of employees has increased, to perhaps the most popular dealer of administrative management systems in Norway. The recipe worked before IT was a subject area, and it works now when IT is one of the most important everyday resource we have.

Nils Ole Fladhus accept the honorary award from Visma Software
Visma Software All Stars – honorary award















Our vision is conscious security – the human being, technology and solution. This is a vision that does not just point in one direction. The vision also states that in addition to creating security for customers, we will provide employees and partners with the same security. Through our expertise, we will give our customers a conscious sense of security and make them better. It is also the symbolism of the company logo, a tailwind that will give our customers extra traction.

Our values

We aim to have a high degree of satisfaction among employees, customers, partners and suppliers. The company’s core values are based on humor, clarity, courage, willingness to learn and honesty. Everyone at ØkonomiBistand works continuously to ensure that our products, services and solutions – in combination with competence and experience, give customers the desired result.


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