The ØkonomiBistand Group

ØkonomiBistand-konsernet currently covers the Nordic market through branches in various cities in Norway and Sweden. The group consists of ØkonomiBistand, CRM-Insight, Cloud Connection, Ganske Enkelt and EA System. We provide software, development, consulting and consulting services to companies of all sizes. Our goal is to be your total partner in finance, logistics, payroll and CRM solutions.

ØkonomiBistand was established by Nils Ole Fladhus in 1990. Nils Ole realized early on the importance of having customers closely connected to him and the customer base and number of employees increased, to become perhaps the most popular dealer of administrative management systems in Norway. The Norwegian private equity fund Equip Capital became the majority owner in 2021. Equip has extensive experience in further developing and fulfilling the companies’ full potential and we are very much looking forward to the way forward with them. Together we will build an even better company – for shareholders, employees, customers and society.


Our vision is to shape the way future businesses work.

Our values

We aim to have a high degree of satisfaction among employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Our values ​​will help us achieve these goals. Everyone at ØkonomiBistand works continuously to ensure that our products, services and solutions – in combination with competence and experience, give customers the desired result.

Solid – We must be solid with knowledgeable and professionally good employees who take responsibility for their own development and have high integrity.

Exploratory – Curiosity and learning are the core of our work – this stimulates innovation.

Engaged – We will create value, contribute new ideas and share knowledge.

Caring – A caring attitude is in our culture. We believe in the strength of teams and we promote support and cooperation. We will support the development of talents and careers, knowing that success is the result of collaboration.


ØkonomiBistand works actively with ESG, which is an integral part of our strategy. Our services help customers become more sustainable through increased digitization, automation and documentation. The solutions we offer contribute to higher efficiency so that time is freed up for meaningful activities at the same time as it provides environmental and cost benefits.

Several of our strategic ambitions are directly linked to the UN’s sustainability goals, which are the world’s joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. We are building an integrated ecosystem in the cloud to meet customer needs. Through migration to the cloud, we contribute to upgrading infrastructure and resource efficiency. Our focus on satisfied customers and employees also drives economic productivity through increased diversity, technological development and innovation.